Resources to help with construction projects in South Africa


Resources for Construction Projects in South Africa

We will be posting design calculator templates; case studies and articles on lessons learnt; best practice notes and guidelines in this section. Bookmark this page and keep coming back to see what we have added.


Opinion piece: 3D printing could massively disrupt construction, but adoption must be weighed against the moral cost

Published: 17/10/2022    |    Views: 480
3D printing has the potential to be significantly disruptive in the construction industry, as it could possibly address challenges such as time-consuming labour, material waste, building delays and d...


Opinion piece: What homeowners should know before investing in solar panels

Published: 20/09/2022    |    Views: 517
While the drive towards harnessing solar power should be supported, there are certain key regulatory and legislative considerations that homeowners must take into account before investing in solar pa...


Opinion piece: Preventative infrastructure maintenance is key to saving costs and driving safety in smelting and processing sector

Published: 14/04/2022    |    Views: 535
Mining remains a key contributor to South Africa’s economy. Despite its contribution to the economy and employment, the sector faces major challenges.


Concrete Design Guide: Coffers and Troughs

Published: 30/11/2020    |    Views: 765
WES works closely with its sister companies which include Form-Scaff. Form-Scaff’s tried and tested Coffer and Trough systems are unique, delivering two way and one way concrete slab spanning solutio...


Guideline on Temporary Works

Published: 07/05/2020    |    Views: 577
This document provides guidance for Designers of Temporary Works, on interpreting and explaining some of their legal obligations when any Design work is undertaken involving Temporary Works.



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